December 23, 2010
Julian Meditations

October, 2010

Following Christ

by William McNamara

WE HAVE NOT GRASPED the ultimate seriousness and sacredness of a single human act, because we have not understood how absolutely unique every human being really is. To be unique is not a matter of peculiar differences but of outstanding fidelity.

When all is said and done that is what the spiritual life is all about, fidelity: to myself and to the God who calls me to become more and more gracefully myself, my very best self; not in isolation but in communion with the whole human race. My passion must go on mounting until I am so faithful that God will look on me with pleasure and say: "This is my beloved son."

This faithful following of Christ into the All, and this alone, will make each of us unique and empower us to respond uniquely and wholeheartedly to every unique situation. This was the genius of Christ! And the gist of Christianity at its best. This is the earthly destiny of every person: to be alive, so completely awakened, that he moves in and out of concrete human exigencies at a passionate pitch of loving awareness.

Taken from Mystical Passion, by William McNamara (New York, NY: The Continuum Publishing Group, 1977).