October 20, 2008
Julian Meditations

October, 2008

One with the Beloved

by William McNamara

WE DO NOT BECOME totally human until we become partly divine. God became man, so that man might become God. It is God, who is love, and love is diffusive, who takes the initiative, unites Himself to us, keeps us alive by his creative and attentive presence, and with no violence, but with the gentle fury of an irrepressible and invincible love, touches us where we are most free and invites us, seductively into the intimate and infinite love life of the Trinity.

What we need to do is sensitively recognize who we are -- brides of the Bridegroom -- and be aware of what is going on: we are being led to the bridal chamber.

In other words, realization of the union with God we already enjoy, responding in every way we know how to the overture of God's love, adoringly recognizing his presence in a broken but marvelously transforming world -- that's what the spiritual life is all about.

Taken from The Human Adventure by William McNamara (Rockport, MA: Element, Inc., 1991).