December 20, 2006
Julian Meditations

October, 2006

Living Out of the Center

by Brennan Manning

LIVING OUT OF the Center enables me to speak and act from greater strength, to heal and forgive rather than hold grudges, to be capable of greatness of heart when confronted with pettiness, to discover that the only valid reason for doing the right thing is because it is the right thing.

Living out of the Center enables us to blend for a moment into a greater background than our own fears, to merely be still and to know that God is God. It means that I don't figure out, I don't analyze.

I simply lose myself in the experience of just being alive, of being in a community of believers, simply knowing that it's good to be there, even if I don't know where "there" is or why it's good. An inner stillness assures me that it is enough right now to be centered, to be in Christ Jesus; and that gratefulness is both the heart of living and the heart of prayer.

Taken from Lion and Lamb by Brennan Manning (Grand Rapids, MI: Chosen Books/Revell, a division of Baker Books, 1986).