June 17, 2009
Julian Meditations

May, 2009

Presented to God

by Julian of Norwich (ca. 1342-1416 A.D.)

Christ presents us in worship to his heavenly Father. And his Father most gratefully receives us, his present, and in his courtesy gives us back to his Son, Jesus Christ.

Such an action and gift brings joy to the Father and happiness to the Son, and delight to the Holy Spirit. And of all the things we do that which delights our Lord the most is to see us rejoicing in the Holy Trinity's joy over our salvation. Despite any feelings we may have of grief or pleasure, God wants us to realize by faith that we are in fact more in heaven than on earth.

Our faith comes from the natural love of the soul, and the clear light of our reason, and the stability of our mind, given by God when he first made us. And when our soul was breathed into our body, and our senses began to work, at once mercy and grace began to work too, in pity and love caring for us and preserving us. In this work the Holy Spirit forms in our faith the hope that we shall come again to our substance who is above, to the virtue of Christ, developed and perfected through the Holy Spirit.

Taken from Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love, edited by Clifton Wolters (Bungay, UK; Penguin Books, 1966), p. 158