May 13, 2008
Julian Meditations

May, 2008

The Kingdom of Heaven

by Saint Symeon the New Theologian

YOU, O CHRIST, are the kingdom of Heaven; You the land promised to the gentle; You the grazing-lands of paradise; You the hall of the celestial banquet; You the ineffable marriage-chamber; You the table set for all; You the bread of life; You the unheard-of drink; You both the urn for the water and the life-giving water; You moreover the inextinguishable lamp for each of the saints; You the garment and the crown and the One who distributes crowns; You the joy and the rest; You the delight and the glory; You the gaiety and the mirth.

And Your grace, grace of the Spirit of all sanctity, will shine like the sun in all the saints; and You, inaccessible sun, will shine in their midst and all will shine brightly to the degree of their faith, their asceticism, their hope and their love, their purification and their illumination by Your Spirit.

Source Unknown