April 20, 2011
Julian Meditations

March, 2011

Bread from Heaven

by Carlo Carretto

THE GOD-WHO-IS has always been searching for me. By his choice, his relationship with me is presence, as a call, as a guide.

He is not satisfied with speaking to me, with showing things to me, or asking things of me. He does much more.

He is Life, and he knows his creature can do nothing without him. He knows his child would die of hunger without bread. But our bread is God himself, and God gives himself to us as food.

Only eternal life can feed us, for we are destined for eternal life.

The bread of earth can nourish us only for this finite earth; it can sustain us only as far as the frontier of the Invisible. If we want to penetrate this frontier, the bread from our fields is not sufficient. If we want to march along the roads of the Invisible, we must feed on bread from heaven.

This bread from heaven is God himself. He becomes food to us as we walk into the Invisible.

Taken from The God Who Comes by Carlo Carretto (Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 1991).