March 22, 2009
Julian Meditations

March, 2009

Purely for Love

by Brother Lawrence

WERE I A PREACHER I would above all else preach the practice of the presence of God. Were I a teacher I would direct all the world to that spiritual practice, so fundamental do I consider it, and so simple to attain.

There is not in the whole world a manner of life more delightful and rewarding ... For the right practice of it, one must empty the heart of all else, to permit God sole possession; and as he must possess it wholly, so he must be free to dispose of everything as he pleases, and to employ the heart as he will through our utter surrender ....

The main thing is that we make one unreserved renunciation of everything which we are sensible does not lead to God. Then we need only recognize him intimately present with us; address our intention to him over and over; entreat his assistance in knowing his will in all things doubtful, and in knowing how best to discharge those duties which plainly he requires of us -- offering every act to him before we undertake it, and rendering thanks for his aid when we have done.

The most effective way of going to God is that of doing one's common business without any purpose of pleasing others but purely for love of him.

One deludes oneself in believing that the times of prayer should be considered different from other times. Action has its responsibility to God as prayer has its.

We ought, then, once for all place our unreserved trust in God, completely surrendering ourselves to him, assured that he will not fail us.

Taken from from Men Who Have Walked with God: Brother Lawrence (From a letter written to a Mother Superior in 1685.), by Sheldon Cheney (New York: Dell Publishing Co., Inc.), 1945.