June 20, 2010
Julian Meditations

June, 2010

For Love's Sake

by Mike Mason

LOVE IS THE HUMILITY IN WHICH self becomes subservient to relationship.

In the Kingdom of God, nothing moves, nothing happens, without love. In churches many things happen because of human goals, programs, bureaucratic necessity, idealism, private fantasy, or neurosis. But it is not so with God.

God has no plan, no program, no agenda except love. That is why he had no other recourse but to send us his only Son Jesus Christ, who on the one hand loved God his Father with a perfect love, and who on the other hand loved humanity no less. These were the two hands that were stretched wide on Calvary. Christ's two great loves struggled like mighty wrestlers within his breast, until finally love itself tore him apart on the cross.

This is the dreadful, fearsome love of God, the love that will never let us go. This is the Love who made us and remade us for no other purpose except that of his own great love.

From The Gospel According to Job by Mike Mason (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 1994). p. 126.