September 18, 2006
Julian Meditations

June, 2006

God Likes You

by Richard Rohr

RITUALS ARE GOOD and probably needed, but for Christians, there needs to be a holy playfulness about them. It's like children playing in a sandbox. You might love the rituals, but don't think that doing rituals correctly, following the behavior perfectly, somehow changes the mind of God. God likes you before you do the rituals. God doesn't need them, but we need them to tenderly express our childlike devotion and desire -- and to get in touch with that desire.

The great commandment is not "thou shalt be right." The great commandment is to "be in love." Be inside the great compassion, the great stream, the great river. As others have rightly said, all that is needed is surrender and gratitude. Our job is simply to thank God for being part of it all. All the burdens we carry are not just ours.

The sin that comes up in us is not just our sin, it is the sin of the world. The joy that comes up in us is not just our personal joy, it is the joy of all creation. All we can do is accept and give thanks.

Taken from Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer by Richard Rohr (New York: Crossroad, 1999, 2003), p. 89.