September 18, 2007
Julian Meditations

July, 2007

The Silent Yes

by George Maloney

CONTEMPLATION IS basically a look turned toward God. It is a human being standing, as it were, outside of the habitual ideas that he has of himself, the person that he think he is. It is his getting down below that false everyday ego and getting into his deepest source where he stands before God, consciously turning toward his Source, his Origin.

It does not consist in having beautiful thoughts, nor in having any emotions, sentiments, or piety. It consists fundamentally in standing before God, not with one faculty perceiving some facet of God but with one's total being absorbed in the total being of God. It is the return of my whole being back to God as a gift that expresses the attitude which I call worship-prayer, the ultimate point of contemplation.

Taken from Jesus, Set Me Free by George A. Maloney, S.J. (Denville, NJ: Dimension Books, 1977).