January 30, 2010
Julian Meditations

January, 2010

It is Well

by Julian of Norwich

IN THIS LOVE WITHOUT BEGINNING he made us, in the same love he protects us, and never allows us to be hurt in a way which would lessen our joy.

When judgment is given we are all brought up above, then we shall see clearly in God the secrets now hidden from us.

In that day not one of us will want to say, "Lord, if it had been done this way, it would have been well done."

But we shall all say with one voice, "Lord, blessed may you be. For it is so, and it is well. And now we see truly that all things are done as it was ordained before anything was made."

From Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love, edited by Clifton Wolters (Bungay, UK: Penguin Books, 1966).