March 15, 2014
Julian Meditations

February, 2013

Transcendent Living

by Jan Ord

"COME TO ME," Jesus said, "and you will find rest for your soul."

And where is he? He is both transcendent and immanent. But, most importantly for everyday living, he's within us, at the core of our being, where our human spirit and his indwelling are one.

As faith persons, we do no greater favor to ourselves and our world than to make it a daily practice to turn within in a prayer of silence, responding with love to the One who first loved us, beholding his presence, and anticipating the transformation that comes to all as they recognize their oneness with Christ.

As we open ourselves to the Lord daily in solitude and silence, we will experience the rivers of his love flow through us to our hurting and expectant world. This is what we were made for -- to love and be loved. This is transcendent living.

Excerpted from the Editorial of Union Life magazine, December 1998 (Glen Ellyn, Illinois: Union Life Ministries, 1998).