January 3, 2015
Julian Meditations

December, 2014

To Be Virgin

by Loretta Ross-Gotta

What matters in the deeper experience of contemplation is not the doing and accomplishing. What matters is relationship, the being with. We create holy ground and give birth to Christ in our time not by doing but by believing and by loving the mysterious Infinite One who stirs within. This requires trust that something of great and saving importance is growing and kicking its heels in you.

The angel summoned Mary, betrothed to Joseph, from the rather safe place of conventional wisdom to a realm where few of the old rules would make much sense. She entered into that unknown called "virgin territory." She was on her own there. No one else could judge for her the validity of her experience.

...To be virgin means to be one, whole in oneself, not perforated by the concerns of the conventional norms and authority, or the powers and principalities. To be virgin, then, is in a sense to be recollected.

Though recollection appears to be passive, it is worth noting that conceive is an active verb. Its Latin root means "to seize, to take hold of." Because Mary is recollected, she is able to take hold of God. Elizabeth, in whom John the Baptist leaps for joy at the approach of Christ in Mary, exclaims, "Blessed is she who believed that there would be fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord." Blessed are all virgins, male and female, who believe that there will be fulfillment of what is spoken to them by the angelic messengers of grace.

From Letters from the Holy Ground: Seeing God Where You Are, by Loretta Ross-Gotta (Sheed & Ward, Franklin, Wisconsin, 2000).