January 11, 2012
Julian Meditations

December, 2011

The Prayer of the Heart

Author Unknown

SILENTLY DESCEND into the depths of your heart. Call on the name of Jesus frequently. You will discover a depth of mystery, a brightness when you do this.

The truth is: we are aliens to ourselves. We have little desire to know ourselves. We run after many things in this world, and by doing so run away from ourselves.

Prayer is the heart of the Christian life. It is essential.

Sit alone in a quiet place. Take your mind away from every earthly thing. Bow your head to your chest and be attentive, not to your head, but to your heart. Observe your breathing. Let your mind find the place of the heart. At first you will be uncomfortable. If you continue without interruption, it will become a joy.

From The Way of the Pilgrim (written in the 19th century, author unknown), translated by Helen Bacovcin (New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, an Image Book, 1978).