January 25, 2008
Julian Meditations

December, 2007

Holding Lightly

by Henri Nouwen

MANY THINGS in our lives matter intensely to us, but those are what we must be careful to "hold lightly." Holding lightly to all that is important in our lives means remembering that we are not what we acquire and accomplish as much as what we have received.

The deepest joys come not from the money we earn, the friends we surround ourselves with, or the results we achieve. Rather, we are whom God made us to be in his infinite love. We are the gifts we are given, not just the conquests we make. As long as we keep running around, anxiously trying to affirm ourselves or be affirmed by others, we remain blind to One who has loved us first, dwells in our heart, and has formed our truest self.

Taken from Turn My Mourning into Dancing by Henri J.M. Nouwen (Garden City, NY: W Group Publishing., 2001).