April 14, 2014
Julian Meditations

April, 2014

We are Loved and Known

by Julian of Norwich

NOTWITHSTANDING our foolishness and blindness here below, our courteous Lord always has regard for us, rejoicing at this work in our souls. We please him best of all by believing this intelligently and honestly, and rejoicing over it with him and in him.

Just as we shall partake of God's blessedness forever, praising him and thanking him, so have we existed in God's foreknowledge, loved and known in his eternal purpose, from all time. In his timeless love he made us and in the same love keeps us, never allowing us to be hurt in such a way that our blessedness be lost.

Therefore when Judgement is pronounced and we are all brought up to heaven, we shall see clearly in God secrets that are now hidden from us. None of us will want to say then, "Lord, if only it had happened in this way or that it would have been perfectly all right." Rather we will exclaim with one voice, "Lord, you are blessed indeed! So it is, and it is good! Now we can truly see that everything has been done as it was ordained before creation."

From Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich, ca. 1432 (Harmondworth, UK: Penguin 1976), pp. 210-11.