January 28, 2003
Editorial Update

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Jan (Ord) Harris

I am thrilled to tell you a little more about my book. The Prayer of Love was my working title. The publisher, Baker Books of Grand Rapids, Michigan came up with a suggestion, Quiet in His Presence. I like it.

The book will be released January 30, 2003; it will be 192 pages, and will sell for $13.00.

As soon as I have more information, it will be posted on this web site.

One of the reasons that so little has been changed on our web site recently is because, for the past year or more (since August, 2000,) I have been immersed in the task of writing this book. What a joy to finally see it on its way to being published!

Also, I'm changing my name. The above by-line is the last time you will see it. From now on, my by-line will be Jan Harris. That's my birth name, and I'm going back to it. 'Giving birth' to this book has profoundly affected that decision, and when you read it you will understand why.

Let me tell you a bit about Quiet in His Presence. Based on my experience of the prayer of silence, and on the Basking in His Presence Prayer Retreats that Bill Volkman and I lead, it will complement Bill's excellent book, Basking in His Presence.

Quiet in His Presence contains simple instructions on how to do contemplative prayer, the obstacles that one encounters, and the outcome of adding it to one's life. It is interspersed with candid and poignant stories from my own personal pilgrimage that I hope will keep the reader's attention to the end. People in all walks of life, and of all ages, are searching for deeper spiritual meaning in their lives, so it addresses the cry of the human heart and soul for a closer walk with a personal God. It uses personal stories to entice the reader to begin and to continue on a spiritual journey toward a God who cares particularly and passionately for each individual person, and it gives specific instruction on how to do so.

My book emphasizes God’s longing for an intimate relationship with each of His redeemed people, and His desire that each of those people come to Him for Himself, and not just for what they can get from Him. It is written with the ordinary man and woman in mind, but because its appeal is to the heart, it is written primarily to those who are hungering and thirsting for greater depth in their spiritual lives.

Quiet in His Presence has nineteen chapters, plus an introduction and epilogue. The titles of some of the chapters are: "Made for Love," "Resting in God," "You are Precious," and "No Measuring Stick." The themes -- which we all need to be reminded of -- will be familiar to long-time readers of Union Life. They are all wonderful truths about God and how He looks at us, His beloved creation.

In addition, I give some suggestions and instructions on how to do "the prayer of love," and I tell some personal stories, many of which have appeared in the pages of Union Life over the years, as well as a few about life in Australia that have never been told before.

I trust that from now on you will find regular additions to this web site in the various departments. I do apologize for my neglect of it, but I truly can only focus on one major thing at a time -- and writing this book was a very major project. I hope that when the opportunity arises you will get your own copy of Quiet in His Presence, and that you will agree that it was worth the effort!