Human beings were made to love, so most of us spend our lives looking for a love that will satisfy. But there is only one love relationship that will do that, and it's not talked about very much.

In this book, Basking in His Presence, Bill Volkman, for 23 years the editor of Union Life magazine, talks about it. He calls Christians to "an intimate, on-going love affair" with the Lord, our Lover. He tells us that we are being called "to experience the ecstasy of being in love with our Beloved.

"Life is a call to be. It is a call to become totally lost in our God. Our focus must shift from what we get out of life, to simply offering ourselves as a gift to our Lover.

"Let's stop spending all our time learning about God and working for Him. Let's spend some of that time practicing His presence and just adoring the Lord. We are being called to the ecstasy of being in love with our Beloved."

In 1976, after almost a lifetime "serving God", Bill began Union Life magazine because of his newfound awareness of his union with Christ. Then, in 1990, he realized that God calls all of us to an intimate relationship with Him -- if we want to respond. Even if you've been a Christian all your life, chances are this book will challenge you.

Written in 1996, Basking in His Presence is a small, easy-to-read book. It is perfect as a gift for yourself, or for a friend who is seeking a deeper relationship with God.

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