by Bill Volkman

Love One Another
There is hope that we can live transcendently, because we are indwelt by Deity -- Christ living in us as our hope of glory. The more God’s gift of awareness becomes an experiential truth in us, the more His glorious Being of love will flow like a river through us out to our world.

"Love one another." Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Especially when one adds the balance of Jesus’ new commandment: "...even as I have loved you, that you also love one another." Once we have heard and experienced God’s unconditional love for us, why shouldn’t it be easy and natural for us to stop all our scorekeeping and criticizing, and start accepting, loving and affirming all those who are a part of our world? But we all know by devastating personal experience that this isn’t how it works.


Excerpted from Pages 24-25, September/October ’98 Union Life